Dyson Adventure 20 Inch Folding


These folding e-bikes are ideally suited to city commuters, apartment dwellers or travellers who like to store their bikes in their cars or vans.

The Dyson Adventure 20-inch folding electric bike is easy to get into small storage spaces, lifts, apartments and car boots, but it also folds out to a full-size powerful and capable e-bike. It offers excellent ride quality and posture, a 250W high-torque motor and Tektro disc brakes for safe and snappy stopping power.

The Adventure 20-inch folding electric bicycle gives you all the benefits of a fully featured electric bicycle, while it offers practicality not found in rigid frame bikes. It is perfect for commuting, taking on a road trip or on an RV – and it even fits in the boot of most hatchbacks.


-Folding frame design means this electric bike fits in spaces most others simply can’t – yet we make no compromises in frame and component quality. It is a real full-size e-bike, which just happens to fold really small.

-Powerful high-torque 250W electric motor and a 12.8 Amp hour battery will make light work of your bike trips, but if you feel like a bit more of a workout, simply dial down the level of motor assistance. The digital display shows you the current assistance level, remaining battery power, speed and trip distance.

-While the electric motor gets you going, our new disc brakes see to it that you can stop with ease, power and precision. The brake levers have built-in power cut-outs to make sure the power to the motors stops immediately once either brake is applied.

-The height adjustable handlebars and seat mean the Adventure 20-inch Folding can easily accommodate riders who are north of six feet in height in a perfect ride position. In its lowest position the seat can drop down to 71.5cm, so that shorter riders can also get into an ideal ride position.

-The Dyson Adventure 20-Inch Folding e-bike is designed and engineered for the ultimate ease of use – folding and unfolding can be done in seconds. Even the pedals fold down with a single action to further reduce the bike’s packed size. Absolutely no tools are needed to fold or unfold the bike.

-Our new optional rear-rack can also be fitted to turn this bike into a fully-fledged and extremely capable pack-mule of a folding bike. To help you stay clean and dry, we now also have optional mudguards, which are also made-to-measure for this versatile electric bike.

SEAT HEIGHT – Approx. – Low: 73cm – High: 107cm.

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